An Anecdotal History of Nematology

By J.M. Webster, K.B. Eriksson & D.G. McNamara (eds.)
September 2008
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ISBN: 9789546423245                                                                  
300 pages, Illustrated
$57.50 Paperback


Nematology is not only about those lovely Nobel prize winning creatures, nematodes, but also about the people who work with them, the nematologists. Your good friends Bengt Eriksson, David McNamara and John Webster have cajoled a whole galaxy of story-telling nematologists to reminisce about their loved ones, their nematodes, and to tell us how they got to know them so well. It is all disclosed in "An Anecdotal History of Nematology".

It is good nematology, but it's different, and you will be able to read the other side of some of our nematological world's most fascinating discoveries and about their discoverers.The book is addressed to all who love to work on nematodes. It will be of interest also to historians of science and to any zoological library.


- Contributors
- Preface 
- Prologue
-1. Our early stars by Bengt Eriksson
-2. Nematological nebulae in Europe and the USA by John M.Webster and Seymour D. Van Gundy
- 3. First catch your nematode! - the development of methods of recovering nematodes from soil by David McNamara
- 4. Through nematode diversity to living soil processes - holistic studies aid progress by Gregor Yeates
- 5. Nematode Physiology: Significant developments inthe understanding of the biology of simple eukaryotic animals by Howard Ferris and Haddish Melakeberhan
- 6. Molecular taxonomy of nematodes by Pierre Abad and Philippe Castagnone-Sereno
- 7. A history of research on potato cyst nematodes by Ken Evans and David L. Trudgill
- 8. Cereal cyst nematode complex by Roger Rivoal
- 9. The science and art of soybean cyst nematode research by Terry L. Niblack and Don P. Schmitt
- 10. Nematodes / Viruses / Plants: A 32 year love affair by Derek J.F. Brown
- 11. Horticultural hazards: In and out of hot water baths and other transient technologies by Simon R. Gowen and Philip A. Roberts
- 12. The spread of nematology in developing countries: A case study by Michel Luc
- 13. Contributions by Latin American nematologists to the study of nematode plant disorders and related impact on crop production by Rosa H. Manzanilla-López, Patrick Quénéherve, Janete A. Brito, Robin Giblin-Davis, Javier Franco, Jesse Román and Renato N. Inserra
- 14. Quarantine nematodes by  David McNamara
- 15. The pinewood nematode; a personal view by Helen Braasch and Manuel M. Mota
- 16. History of the development of nematodes as biocontrol agents by Parvinder S. Grewal and Harry K. Kaya
- 17. Dynamics of nematological infrastructure by Roland N. Perry and James L. Starr
- 18. Nematology: Dreams and visions of the future:
(i) Nematology Dream: Misstatements, miscalculations and false prophets by Ernest C. Bernard;
(ii) Vision of nematology in Canada in the next 50 years by Guy Belair;
(iii) The future of systematics and phylogeny of nematodes over the next 50 years by Virginia R. Ferris;
(iv) A nematologist's dream by Florian Grundler; 
(v) Nematology dream by Paulo Vieira;
(vi) The devil's advocate by Derek J.F. Brown;
(vii) My dream, not a nightmare by Forest Robinson;
(viii) My dream of the future of nematology chemical communication research - 50 years from now by Ekaterina Riga;
(ix) C. elegans as a model system for space travel by Robert Johnsen and David Baillie


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