And You Shall Tell Your Children

A Chronicle of Survival: Lessons of Life for Today


By Ida Akerman-Tieder
July 2011
Urim / Devora Publications
Distributed by Coronet Books
ISBN: 9781934440407
285 pages, Illustrated
$21.95 Paper original

And You Shall Tell Your Children is the synthesis that describes the process of passage from death to life - the secret of our inherited Jewish wisdom - using the author's personal experience and the experience of all the people she came across in her practice and private life. It is the hope of someone who looks reality in the face and has the courage to say to a cruel foe, I won't let you defeat my spirit.

Focusing fundamentally on the People of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel, the real originality of this book is found in the professional and human analysis of the ''pathology'' of the survivor and the process of overcoming this handicap in order to rehabilitate oneself, enabling the reader to identify with this process when facing his or her own difficulties and - in spite of past ordeals - to build one's present life in a positive way.


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