Alien Terrestrial Arthropods of Europe, 2 Volumes
Biodiversity & Ecosystem Risk Assessment

Edited by Alain Roques, et al.
October 2010
Distributed by Coronet Books Inc.

Volume 1:
ISBN: 9789546425546
555 pages, Illustrated
$175.00 Paper origina

Volume 2:
ISBN: 9789546425553
495 pages, Illustrated
$162.50 Paper original

These two volumes provide the first comprehensive review of the fauna of alien terrestial arthropods
that have colonized the European continent and its associated islands. Directly ensuing from the DAISIE project, this is the result of the joint work of 89 authors from 27 different European countries. These two volumes summarize present knowledge of the arthropod invasion process, from temporal trends and biogeographic patterns, to pathways and vectors, invaded habitats, and ecological and economical impacts.

A total of 1590 species alien to Europe, including crustaceans, myriapods, mites, spiders, and insects, are listed in two volumes and 21 seperate chapters that detail the different taxonomic groups.

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