Advances in the Systematics of Diplopoda II
ZooKeys, No.12

Edited by Sergei I. Golovatch & Robert Mesibov
December 2009
ISBN: 9789546424891
110 pages, illustrated
$62.50 Paper Original

This is the second issue of ZooKeys specially devoted to millipede taxonomy, to appear just a couple of months since the publication of the first issue. It also contains three papers, all beautifully and richly illustrated. The first paper again focuses on the family Haplodesmidae (Polydesmida), this time presenting a review of the rather speciose genus Eutrichodesmus which currently contains 24 species, including nine new, mainly cavernicolous ones from China, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.

The second contribution provides a review of the large Euro-Mediterranean genus Glomeris in North Africa, with 11 nominate species currently known from the coastal regions of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lybia. Three new species are described therein, including two cavernicoles, as well as a number of new synonymies established. The third paper revives and reviews Agathodesmus (Haplodesmidae), a small, previously dubious genus now containing four species, including one new from Australia.

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