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Networking Knowledge for Information Societies
Institutions & Intervention

By P.H.J. Kouwer
July 2002
Delft University
ISBN: 90-407-2300-1
422 pages, Illustrated, 6 3/8 x 9 1/2"
$84.00 paper original

Partial Listing of Contents: Universities, Research & the Public Interest. The Role of Social Sciences in Policy Oriented Telecom Research. Social Sciences & Information Society. Utility Deregulation in the USA. Toppling of the Natural Monopoly Doctrine. Rural Telecom. Spectrum Allocation Controversies. Information Society in the Caribbean. Infrastructure Protection. Telecom Surveillance. Digital Divide in Asia. Telecom-Economy. Back to the Future of the Internet. Regulation and Ethics. Global Media & Cultural Diversity. Latin American Media. Media Policy and the Public Interest. Towards a World System Perspective on Cross-National Web Research. Economics of Infrastructures. Notes. Bibliography. Acronyms.

Information Technology