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Natural History & Applied Ecology of Carabid Beetles

Proceedings of the IXth European Carabidologists' Meeting
(26-31 July 1998, Camigliatello, Cosenza, Italy)

Edited by P. Brandmayr, et al
November 2000
ISBN: 9546421006
318 pages, illustrated
$115.00 hardcover

The book presents a collection of 33 papers held at the IX European Carabidologists Meeting in Cosenza, Italy (July, 1998) arranged in three sections: Systematics, Genetics and Zoogeography ; Morphology and Behaviour; Biodiversity, Conservation Biology and Applied ecology. Traditionally the proceedings volumes of the European Carabidologists Meeting are well known among specialists as major treatises outlining the latest tendencies and achievements in carabidology. The book can be of use to any carabidologist, as well as to specialists in general and applied ecology, conservation biology and bioindication, zoogeography, molecular systematics.

Pensoft Series Faunistica, No. 19