No, Prime Minister!
Ralph Harris Against the Consensus:
A Selection of the Shorter Writings of Ralph Harris
on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday

By Ralph Harris
May 1994
Institute of Economic Affairs
ISBN: 0-255-36341-9
112 p.
$29.50 Paper Original

For thirty years, Lord Harris of High Cross has been producing short articles, in newspapers and elsewhere, which communicated complex economic ideas to a large and influential audience.

For much of this time, he and his IEA colleagues were fighting a powerful intellectual consensus - which was intolerant of dissenters - that governments should intervene extensively in 'imperfect' markets.

This volume, published as a tribute to Ralph Harris on his seventieth birthday in December 1994, reproduces thirty of his short articles. Its purpose is to remind Ralph's many admirers of the significant contribution he made to changing the collectivist consensus through a series of entertaining and perspicacious articles in which he clung tenaciously to classical liberal ideas when nearly all around him believed in "planning".

European Studies
Series: Occasional Paper

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