New Labour's Attack on Public Services:
Modernisation or Marketisation?
How the Commissioning, Choice, Competition & Contestability Agenda Threatens
Public Services & the Welfare State. Lessons for Europe.
Socialist Renewal. 5th Series, No. 3

By Dexter Whitfield
August 2006
ISBN: 0851247156
17 6 pages, 5 3/8 x 8 1/2"
$36.50 Paper

Partial Contents:

What is Marketisation?
New Labour’s Neo-Liberal Rationale.
Neo-Liberalism drives Marketisation & Privatisation.
Globalisation & the Growth of Services. Structure of Markets.
Myth of the Perfect Market.
Market Games.
Inefficiency of Markets.
The Five-Stage Marketisation Process.
Typology of Marketisation & Privatisation.
The Marketisation Process—commercializing Services & Labour.
The Public Cost.
Impact of Marketisation & Market Failure.
An Alternative to Modernisation Strategy.
Why Public Provision is Essential—improve community well being, Democratic accountability, Social Justice,
Sustainable Development, Protecting the Public Interest, Better Quality of Employment.
Strategies to Oppose Marketisation.
Lessons for Europe.

Economics. Politics

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