Model-based Methods in Motion Capture

By Alf Kjartan Halvorsen
November 2002
Uppsala University Press
ISBN: 91-554-5381-3
231 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2"
$49.00 Paper Original

Contents of this doctoral dissertation include: Movement analysis, Motion capture, Kalman filtering, Rigid body kinematics, Camera models, singular value decomposition, Paden-kahan subproblems, state space models, extended Kalman filter, simulation results, Tracking the motion of the distal limb of the horse, Estimating the center of rotation and the axis of rotation, Development of a model and framework for 3d marker-free tracking, A differentiable model for marker-free tracking, application of the differentiable model, estimating the body segment inertial parameters, moments of mass of the stack of discs, experiments on synthetic images, and discussions.

Biomechanics; Computer Graphics
Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science & Technology, No. 42

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