Mobile Messages
Young People & a New Communication Culture

By Eija-Liisa Kasesniemi
December 2003
Tampere University Press
ISBN: 9514457285
286 pages, Illustrated, 5 " x 8 "
$92.50 Paper Original

Since the late 1990s, new communication cultures have been emerging among Finnish teenagers. A team of young researchers at the University of Tampere began doing qualitative field research on the emergence of these new cultures just as the mobile phone penetration rate in Finland jumped to an entirely new level.

Finnish teenagers in particular have been highly inventive in adapting the features of their mobile devices - such as the sending of short text messages - to their needs, and these innovations have in turn been utilized by Finnish telecommunications companies in further developing their products and services.

Contents include: Introduction, Enter PIN Code: Introduction to mobilephonics, Code Accepted: In the field with mobiles, 3G, 4G: Young mobile generations, Innovating culture: New users for new objects, Message Sent: Short messages, long stories, Nice Covers: Culture of an object, The Teddy and the Mobile: Children, families and mobile phones, Afterthoughts: Venturing further into the world of mobile, Bibliography.


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