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Midrash of Rabbi Moshe Alshich
on the Torah, 2nd edition, 3 volumes
Volume One: Genesis; Volume Two: Exodus-Leviticus;
Volume Three: Numbers-Deuteronomy

By Moshe Alshich; Annotated
Translated from the Hebrew by Eliyahu Munk
November 2000
Urim Publications
ISBN: 965-7108-13-6
1,164 Pages
$99.00 hardcover set

The author, a 16th Century rabbi, was acclaimed as the most popular preacher of his century. His Torah commentaries are based on sermons delivered throughout his long career. His allegorical method of interpretation coupled with meticulous attention to detail in the written text represent a happy medium between the rational and mystical approach. He emphasizes the moral and ethical lessons to be learned from the Torah.

Judaism; Theology