Micromachined Microwave
Devices & Circuits

Edited By D. Dascalu, et al.
October 2002
Editura Academiei Romane
ISBN: 973-27-0908-1
165 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$99.50 Paperback

In this book, new results on the development of micromachined circuits in the millimeter wave range, based on micromachining of Silicon as well as of III-V compounds, are presented. Original approach in design using high performance electromagnetic simulation software is also well illustrated. Electrical and microphysical characterization methods are included. The authors are representative for the European activities in the so-called "RF MEMS" (Radio-Frequency Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) field, a very hot topic in research and development. Contents include: Compound MEMS and optical communication turnable filters, Computer aided design of micromachined microwave circuits, Microsystem concept for RF and millimeter wave communications, Silicon based micromachined receiving module for 38 ghz with bonded GAAS schottky detector diode, Development of INP Schottky diodes, RF MEMS turnable filters, Makyoh-topography studies of the deformation of micromachined membrane structures, Polymide membranes on GAAS substrate as support of lumped elements, microphysical characterization and stress analysis, Design, simulation, fabrication and study of oscillator modules for microwave integrated, Wafer bonding of microwave devices, a Comparative study of the wave filters obtained with multiple barriers structures.

Electrical Engineering
Micro & Nanoengineering, No. 1

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