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Mesozoic Corals of Slovenia

By Dragica Turnšek
December 1997
Znanstvenoraziskovalni center SAZU
ISBN: 961-6182-44-7
513 pages, illustrated; 8.5" x 12"
$161.50 hardcover

This book represents 25 years' research on the Mesozoic corals of Slovenia. It includes 211 of species of Scleractinia belonging to 123 genera and 13 suborders, from reefs assignable to the Upper Triassic, Upper Jurassic, and Lower and Upper Cretaceous. All the published data has been compiled, revised, and complemented with new data from Slovenia and elsewhere. The presentation of each species comprises a complete synonymy, a short description, geographical and stratigraphical distribution (shown graphically for Slovenia), and all the important emendations. Each species is presented in a separate plate of illustrations. Species lists, localities and fossil assemblages are given in the appendix. Includes references.