Memoria Bosniaca
References of Bosnia & Herzegovina
[In English & Serbian]

By Enes Kujundzic
July 2001
Medunarodni centar za mir
ISBN: 9958-48-033-6
194 pages, 5" x 6 "
$92.50 Paper Original

It has been frequently stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a cross-roads of peoples and cultures. It is probably more accurate to designate it as a meeting point of civilizations that has over centuries sought to unite its diversities into a synthesis providing free space for creative expression and human values. The pendulum of history, which has from time to time disrupted the existing cohabitation of different nationalities in this country, particularly in the war of aggression between 1992 and 1995, seems to have exhausted its devastating energy and has slowly begun returning to its natural state.

The list of resources presented here is by no means exhaustive, but is a possible starting point for the further extensive work required in the future to reconstitute the lost and preserve the endangered archival and library collections of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnians are not alone in having to face the annihilation of their cultural heritage and to address the difficult task of rebuilding their documentary memory following its destruction. Sixteen centuries ago the same task fell to the hands of the contemporaries of the destruction of Alexandria Library in Egypt. Similar cases occurred during the Second World War and most recently to some people in Africa and South East Asia, not to mention our neighbors in Kosovo. Some people have been more fortunate in bringing memory back to life than others.

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