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Mechanical Behavior of Ballasted Railway Tracks

By A.S.J. Suiker
July 2002
Delft University
ISBN: 90-407-2307-9
247 pages, Illustrated, 6 3/8 x 9 1/2"
$66.00 paper original

The contents of this doctoral dissertation include: track dynamics, future alternatives to ballasted tracks, modeling objectives, rail deflection measurements, model and governing questions, general form of the steady state solution, homogenization of a granular material, strain-gradient continua versus discrete Born-Karman lattice, higher-order continuum that includes particle rotation, strain-gradient micro-polar continuum versus square lattice, governing equations for a square lattice, dispersion curves of the body waves, formulation and solution procedure of the boundary value problem, triaxial testing of subballast material, triaxial testing of ballast material, review of the classical plasticity theory, response envelope under cyclic loading, formulation of cyclic densification model, numerical integration cyclic densification model, model calibration, discussion.

Mechanical Engineering