Mousterian Bone Flute & Other Finds
from Divje Babe I Cave Site in Slovenia

Edited By Ivan Turk
Translated from Slovenian by Martin Cregeen, et al.
December 1997
Znanstvenoraziskovalni Center Sazu
ISBN: 961-6182-29-3
223 pages, Illustrated, 8 1/4" x 11 1/2"
$150.00 Hardcover

Contents include: stratigraphy and diagenesis of sediments, analysis of sediments, radiocarbon dating of bone and charcoal from Divje babe I cave, Palaeobotanic research of the Divje babe I cave, small mammals (Insectivora, Chiroptera, Rodentia), taxonomic and taphonomic review of the mammal macrofauna, taphonomy of limb bones of cave bear, review and description of palaeolithic tools and hearths, description and interpretation of the origin of a presumed bone flute, palaeolithic bone flutes - comparable material, acoustic results on the basis of the reconstruction of a presumed bone flute, typology of bone whistles and pipes and flutes and presumed palaeolithic wind blowing instruments of Slovenia.

Opera Instituti Archaelogici Sloveniae No. 2

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