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Mountain Salamanders of the Genus Ranodon
Advances in Amphibian Research in the Former Soviet Union, Volume 6

By Sergius L. Kuzmin & Burkhard Thiesmeier
December 2001
ISBN: 954-642-134-0
184 pages, illustrated
$79.50 paper original

Mountain salamanders of the genus Ranodon are among the most primitive, endangered and narrow-ranged amphibians in the world. These animals live in the former USSR and China, and are poorly known to scientists. This work represents a review of all the data at the present time. It contains information on the history of studies, systematics, geographical distribution, palaeontology, morphology, cytogenetics, physiology, ecology, behavior, anthropogenic influences, conservation, captive keeping and breeding of these salamanders. Includes many black & white illustrations and color photographs.