Modern Chinese II
Reading & Writing

By J.C.P. Liang & A.S. Keijser
December 1998
ISBN: 90-5350-714-0[book cover]
214 pages
$28.50 paperback

The importance of writing exercises in second language teaching cannot be overestimated. They reveal a student's weaknesses in diction, grammar and style which intertwine in all levels of consideration: lexical, semantic, syntactic and discourse. Furthermore, in this age of international communications, students of sinology can no longer be satisfied with a passive ability to read.

They must develop a good spoken ability as well as a minimally acceptable ability to write in Chinese. This book is an attempt to relate the teaching of reading modern Chinese to the skill of writing. It is hoped that the users of this book will thus be enabled to consider careers other than doing research in libraries when they finish their education.

Language Studies

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