Missionary Approaches & Linguistics
in Mainland China & Taiwan

Edited by Ku Wei-ying
December 2001
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9058671615
280 pages
$49.00 paper original

This volume offers a series of attempts at analyzing the place of Christianity in traditional Chinese society from the different sociological, historical, theological & philological approaches. It is based on papers & discussions from the sixth international conference on Church activities in Qing & early Republican China.

The articles of von Collani, Criveller, Walravens & Wiest on the position of women in the Chinese Catholic community, the shifting Jesuit methodology, Jesuit apologetics & the direct sources of the Qiqi tushou are fine examples of fundamental research. The papers of Heuschert-Laage, Kollmar-Paulenz, Pang & Stary throw an interesting light on the Manchu-Mongolian aspect of the history of the Chinese Catholic Church.

Special attention must also be given to the studies on Taiwan by Borao, Heylen & Heyns. The historical framework is mainly the seventeenth century. Although this volume is not a comprehensive treatment of the Christian mission in Ming & Qing China, it brings together studies that illuminate the manner in which the Christian missionaries developed different methods to realize their communal ideal of "the Kingdom of God on Earth".

Religion; Chinese Studies; Christianity; Language Studies
Leuven Chinese Studies, Vol. 10

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