Mesoscopic Approach to the Study
of Thin Protective Coatings by
Positron Beam Analysis &
Scanning Electron Microscopy

By Ramon Escobar Galindo
December 2003
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2437-7
171 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$57.50 Paper Original


The aim of this Ph.D. dissertation was the study of thin protective coatings deposited on metal and silicon substrates. Positron Beam Analysis and Electron Scanning Microscopy were applied to identify the interface between thin films and the substrates. Polymer (epoxy, PMMA and PET) and ceramic (TiN, CrxN, DLC) coatings were studied during mechanical and thermal testing. A novel blister test based in local gas implantation was developed to investigate the adhesion of ceramic films. Changes in the porosity of oxides (ZrO2 and AL203) and silica-based coatings (composites and low-k dielectrics) were also subjects of this work.

Contents include: Introduction, Basic Concepts: Experimental Techniques and Modeling, Adhesion of Polymer Coatings on Metal and Silicon Substrates, Adhesion of PVD Ceramic Coatings on Metal and Silicon Substrates, A Modified Blister Test to Study the Adhesion of Ceramic Coatings, Porosity in Ceramic Thin Films Studied by Positron Beam Analysis and SEM, Positron Beam Analysis of Nanoporosity in Silica-based Thin Films, Summary.

Materials Science

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