Manual on Gender
Mainstreaming at Universities

Equal Opportunities at Universities:
Towards a Gender Mainstreaming Approach

Ils Stevens & Ilse van Lamoen
June 2001
ISBN: 90-441-1196-5
164 pages, illustrated
$40.00 paper original

This book provides a general instrument for introducing gender mainstreaming in knowledge-organizations. The Manual aims at academic leaders and policy makers in particular. It can be useful to everyone concerned with or responsible for equal opportunities policies in universities and other organizations.

As processes of democratization, massification, scaling-up and globalization are deploying, European universities are seeking appropriate answers to these challenges. Women academics are still undervalued in different aspects of their academic career.

The manual introduces gender mainstreaming as a quality improving strategy for universities. It links the promotion of gender equality to the quality of core activities of academies, and to the efficiency and effectiveness of the managerial practices in these matters.

Education; Sociology

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