Malaysia in Transition
Politics, Economics & Society

By Abdul Razak Baginda
December 2002
ASEAN Academic Press
ISBN: 1901919439
286 pages
$37.50 Paper Original

Ever since independence, Malaysia has achieved steady economic growth. While there have been several periods where the country had experienced economic dislocations of various sorts, such as the recession of the mid-1980s and the financial crisis of 1997, Malaysia has been able to come out of them much better, wiser and ready to pursue and continue its economic path. Politically, the country is one of the most stable democratic countries in East Asia. While there will always be debate as to the extent of democratic practice in the country, its stability is of an overriding concern to the political leadership. Except for the May 1969 racial riots, Malaysia has achieved uninterrupted peace and stability. However, as the country moves into the 21st century, with the society becoming much more sophisticated and with the challenge of globalisation, Malaysia finds itself in a transition. It appears that what have been done before may no longer be acceptable nor relevant to a Malaysian public that has grown to be much more aware and better informed. As such, Malaysia faces the future with the necessity to meet the challenges head on. Regionally and internationally, things are equally complex. While the world has changed tremendously, practice appears to remain the same. This book is made up of personal views expressed and observed by a Malaysian on many pertinent issues, both domestic in nature and international perspectives that impinge on Malaysia. As Malaysia becomes a much more important player in the region and the world, its views, must be understood and heard.

Economics; Politics

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