London Industrial Strategy

By Greater London Council
November 1985
Greater London Council
ISBN: 0-7168-1523-7
635 pages, Illustrated, 6 5/8 x 9 3/4"
$47.50 paper

London is a city laid bare by deindustrialization and economic collapse. It has the greatest concentration of unemployment in the developed world. The contrast between unmet needs and vast human and financial waste is stark. The Greater London Council's London Industrial Strategy is about using wasted resources to meet needs, by modernizing and restructuring London's industrial core.

This volume shows how this can be done in ways which involve working people in the process of planning and restructuring. This book shows clearly that detailed sectoral strategy can generate viable economic growth. It demonstrates that there is an alternative of the greatest significance for national economic policy.

Practical Guide to Industrial Relations, No. 5

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