Lifetime Companion to the
Laws of Jewish Family Life

By Deena Zimmerman
January 2005
Urim Publications
ISBN: 9657108624
223 pages, 7" x 9 "
$24.95 Hardcover

This book was written to help married - or about to be married - couples of all ages learn the halachot of taharat hamishpachah, the laws of Jewish marital life. In addition, particular emphasis was placed on achieving an understanding of the interplay between Jewish law and women's health issues throughout the life cycle.

Contents include: Hilchot middah - Biblical and Rabbinc, The onset of the Niddah Status, The Cessation of the Niddah Status - Counting, The Cessation of the Niddah Status - Mikveh, Expectation of Being Niddah, Couple's Behavior While Wide is Niddah, Causes of the Niddah Status, The Cessation of the Niddah Status, Expectation of Being Niddah, Behavior while Niddah, Frequently Asked Questions, Puberty, Marriage, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, The Climacteric - Menopause, Perimenopause, General Diagnostic Examinations, Infertility, Birth Control, Medical Conditions, Therapeutic Medical Procedures, Marital Relations.


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