Life of Bertrand Russell in
Pictures & In His Own Words

Compiled By Christopher Farley & David Hodgson
April 2004
Reprint of 1972 Edition
ISBN: 0-85124-680-X
93 pages, Illustrated, 8 " x 11 "
$28.50 Paper Original

This beautiful record of Russell's life, from his birth in 1872 to his death in 1970, has been reprinted for a new generation of Russell enthusiasts. Images of Russell, his parents, his surroundings in Wales, Richmond, Cambridge and the United States, his wives, children, and achievements are mixed with the narratives of his life related in his own words. Often humorous, Russell's humanity and honesty shine through. Imprisoned for his outspoken opposition to the First World War, Russell was sentenced to six months. "I was much cheered," he recalls, "on my arrival, by the warder at the gate, who had to take particulars about me. He asked my religion and I replied 'agnostic'. He asked how to spell it, and remarked with a sigh: 'Well, there are many religions, but I suppose they all worship the same God.' "


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