Learning About Videoconferencing

By Han Fraeters, et al.
September 1997
Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9061868289
113 pages, Illustrated, 9 x 6 "
$109.50 spiral binding
Also contains a VHS NTSC Video Tape

Contents in the book include: What is videoconferencing? Technology operation. Equipment. Rollabout systems. Camera. Monitor. Microphone. Loudspeakers. CODEC. Controls. Menu-Driven Interfaces. Planning stages-content, timing, activities, criteria, support. Two lesson plan models. The distance-learning classroom. Teaching scenarios. Teacher & learners. Videoconferencing administrator. The session-wardrobe, camera action, close-up, medium-shot, medium long shot, long shot, presets. Presentation techniques-commentator, presenter, moderator, director. Exercises. The videotape contains a program with testimonials by experienced users as well as clear demonstrations by experts. Also, the tape shows what a videoconferencing lesson can look like.


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