Labour Market &
Social Policy in Poland

Edited by Katlijn Malfliet & Peter Vermeersch
December 1998
ISBN: 90-5350-768-X
95 pages, illustrated
$25.50 paper original

The essays presented in this publication were collected by the Institute of European Policy of the KU Leuven within the framework of a project entitled "Adjustment of the Polish Construction Sector to Meet the Demands of the European Market Economies." Although the original implementation of the project objectives concerned the practical components of economic life, the contacts between academics and experts during the implementation period added a valuable reflective dimension to the project output.

These reflections proved what was already presumed: Poland is a credible political and economic partner for many Western states or international organizations, but the course of its transition is still very diverse and complex. Contents: Contributors. Introduction. Major problems in the field of Polish social policies. The Polish labor market: A report for 1997. Katowice during the transition: A case study. Polish welfare state between the past and the future. Metamorphosis of "Solidarity": From protest movement to trade union and political party. Sectorial tripartism in the Polish social dialogue.


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