Luminescent Spectra of Minerals

By Boris S. Gorobets & Alexandre A. Rogojine
May 2002
ISBN: 5901837053
300 pages, Illustrated, 8 ¼” x 11 ½”
$195.00 Paper Original

The book describes spectral luminescent properties of a large group of minerals. This is the first publication of the kind that has no analogues in the scientific literature on the subject. Part I presents classification of luminescent substances in nature at several systematic levels: global luminescent geospheres, geochemical luminescent anomalies and crystal-chemistry systematization of luminescent minerals.

New luminescence techniques are described: detection of luminescent properties of minerals versus their genetically-defined features; mineralogical analysis; models of luminescent haloes of kimberlite pipes, ruby bearing scarns, emerald-bearing rocks, etc. Techniques for luminescent sorting of minerals are also depicted. The book includes 318 figures and some two-thousand rectangular fragments with spectra, 41 tables, and 302 bibliographic references.


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