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Liouville Space Formalism in Atomic Spectroscopy

By Frederic Schuller
September 2002
Heron Press
ISBN: 954-580-116-6
127 pages, 6 1/4" x 9 3/4"
$72.00 Paper Original

The aim of this book is to present applications of the Liouville equation for the density operator to the solution of specific atom-field interaction problems. The method consists in representing the incident field by a classical monochromatic wave and treating relaxation by means of phenomenological operators. This method is particularly suitable for studies in the field of laser spectroscopy as it relies upon the fact that laser radiation possesses the properties of coherence, monochromacity, and frequency tenability. Moreover, laser allow sources to reach high where saturation and multiphoton transitions come into play, which can be most conveniently discussed by this same method as will be shown in detail in this treatise.

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