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Limits of National Claims in the South China Sea
Select Issues & Applications

By Victor Prescott
December 2000
ASEAN Academic Press
ISBN: 1-901919-06-4
55 pages, Illustrated, 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
$62.50 Hardcover

This book is an excellent contribution to the literature on conflicting claims on the South China Sea. Most reports on the South China Sea have hitherto concentrated on who claim what rather than what can be claimed. This book concentrates on both. It provides a new perspective on national limits or boundaries. Some boundaries at sea can be drawn without consulting neighbors while others can only be drawn with confidence after consultation delimit internal waters, territorial seas and the contagious zone along most of the mainland coasts that fringe the South China Sea. This monograph on national limits will certainly help policy planners in their negotiations with each other with regard to the nature of the respective national boundaries in the South China Sea.

Maritime Law