Kyrgyz Musical Instruments
With Audio CD
[In English, Russian & Kyrgyzian]

By Vladimir Gusev
Translated from Russian & Kyrgyzian to English
by Elena Mironova, Taalaibek Abdiev
December 2002
Publishing Development Center
ISBN: 9967-11-126-7
24 pages, Illustrated, 8 3/4" x 8 3/4"
$91.50 Hardcover with Audio CD

This is a small but very useful and illustrative book on the traditional instruments of Kyrgyzian people, completed with CD and excellent color drawings. Contents include: Kyrgyz musical instruments, Stringed instruments, String & Bow instruments, Metal reed & related instruments, Woodwind & related instruments, Brasswind & related instruments, Percussion instruments. Featured are tradition instruments such as: the Comuz, the Kyyak, the Temir o' oz comuz, the Surnai, the Kerney, and the Dobulbas.


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