Judaea-Palaestina, Babylon & Rome: Jews in Antiquity

Texts & Studes in Ancient Judaism No. 147

Edited by Benjamin Isaac & Yuval Shahar
June 2012
Mohr Siebeck
Distributed by
ISBN: 9783161516979
324 pages
$197.50 Hardcover

This volume brings together the lectures by internationally renowned scholars of Jewish history at the time of the Romans. The most posts were at a conference at the University of Tel Aviv presented in 2009 in honor of Aharon Oppenheimer. The book focuses on specific, clearly defined topics in the history of the Jews both in Judea and in the Diaspora: First, the image that have non-Jews by Jews and Jews by non-Jews, then to issues of social and intellectual history, mainly dealing with the changes that occurred as a result of the failed Jewish revolt against Rome, and on urgent issues of modern science. The studies deal with, inter alia, the relationship and the cultural differences between Palestinian and Babylonian Jews; the relationship between Jews and early Christians, the idea of developing the first-century Judaism, as it is designed in the early Christian sources and modern science, the role of the wise at this time, the conversion to Judaism, the Jewish resistance and martyrdom under Roman rule.


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