Judaism for the Rite Reasons

Concepts & Customs, Sources
& Reasons. Illustrated

By Shmuel Pinchas Gelbard
Translated from Hebrew & Adapted by R. David Derovan
December 2003
Mifal Rashi Publishing
ISBN: 965-90566-0-5
428 pages, Illustrated, 6" x 9"
$25.00 Hardcover

What is a Mezuza? What is in it, why is it set diagonally on the doorpost, and why do we kiss it? When was the first Siddur written, and who was the author? Why does a curtain, the Parochet, hang in front of the Holy Ark? Who chooses the name of a newborn baby, the mother or the father, and why? You will find the answers to these and hundreds of other questions from every aspect of Jewish religious life in this book. The book deals with basic concepts and customs, from every community, covering the whole year. There are 64 pages of colored illustrations showing Judaism in action. It is written in a light, highly readable and concise style. And if you want to know where something is written, the references are provided for every custom. If you want to know what something looks like - the Luvlav, the Etrog or Citron, a spinning top for Chanukah, the Holy Ark or a wedding canopy, the Chupa - you can study the dozens of fascinating photos that illustrate the text. These let you judge the rhythm and content of the Jewish people's religious life, particularly in Israel.

Judaism; Religion

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