John Barclay, Euphormio's Satyricon, 1605-1607

Edited by David A. Fleming
May 1973
HES & DE GRAAF Publishers
ISBN: 9060042999
419 Pages
$172.50 Hardcover

The first modern text-edition, together with a full English translation, an introduction and notes. The two Appendices contain a Survey of editions and a Key to Euphormio's Satyricon. "This volume is a welcome addition to the steadily growing body of neo-Latin writing available in modern editions, the more so in that neo-Latin novels are far less common than, say, neo-Latin epics" (J.W. Binns in The Modern Language Review Oct. 1975). "Fleming's translation is lively, accurate, and enjoyably readable" (Lawrence V. Ryan in Renaissance Quarterly 27,4, 1974).

Bibliography. Literature
Bibliotheca Humanistica & Reformatorica, Vol. VI

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