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Introduction to Nematodes: General Nematology
A Student's Textbook

By Bernhard Weischer & Derek J. F. Brown
January 2000
ISBN: 9546420875
187 pages, illustrated
$55.50 paper original

This richly illustrated, dual-colour, textbook, the first of a series, provides an inexpensive, easily assimilated overview of human, animal, and plant nematodes for high school, college and university undergraduate biology, agricultural, veterinarian, and medical students, and non-specialist readers who may know little, if anything, about these fascinating creatures. Also, Professionals will find this textbook a useful rapid reference to nematodes. The contents are structured to introduce the reader to the range and importance of diseases caused by nematodes and how these organisms function and can be controlled. The eleven sections have been carefully designed as a series of LECTURES that can be adapted as appropriate to local circumstances and interests to provide an introductory course in Nematology at the undergraduate level. The authors have deliberately chosen to reverse the usual university Nematology course structure as they consider this new approach to be more stimulating and satisfying for the undergraduate student. Professors Bernhard Weischer and Derek Brown have between them 70 years experience of investigating nematodes and have combined their expertise to produce a textbook with a minimum of technical terms to make it user friendly.

Parasitology; Biology
Pensoft Series Parasitologica, No. 1