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Intercultural Communication
A three-step method for dealing with differences

David Pinto
December 2000
ISBN: 90-5350-978-X[book cover]
217 pages
$46.50 paperback

This book introduces a new theory about differences between peoples and cultures. The author does not discuss these differences in terms of a certain number of dimensions. The diversity of present-day society is too complex for such an approach. His categorization is based on differences in structures of behavioral rules and communication codes. These structures can be used to categorize continents, countries, companies, departments and individuals, even individuals within a single family. The author also presents a method that enables individuals to acquire 'a new perspective' on how to deal with differences in a way that enables each individual to retain his or her own norms and values. The practical relevance of both the theory as well as the method is illustrated by means of some forty real-world cases.

Sociology; Communication