Integrated Rural Development
The Ethiopian Experience & the Debate

By John M. Cohen
Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN: 91-7106-267-X
267 p.
$66.00 Paper Original

Throughout the 1970s, integrated rural development was one of the most important development interventions used by Third World governments and international aid agencies. Despite a promising begining, this approach toward raising agricultural productivity and improving the quality of rural life is beingin increasingly questioned. Unfortunately, the critique lacks analytical rigor and is based on a few detailed case studies.

The principal objective of this book is to provide a comprehensive study of one of the most significant and wellknown integrated rural development projects: the Swedish funded Chilalo Agricultural Development Unit in Ethiopia's Arssi Region. In addition, the books seeks to clarify the concept of integrated rural development, identify the key issues in the debate over the utility of that intervention, provide a detailed case study of design, implementation, and evaluation problems facing integrated rural development projects, and consolidate a large body of documents on rural development in Ethiopia before and after the revolution.

African Studies

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