Ill-Posed & Non-Classical Problems
of Mathematical Physics & Analysis
Proceedings of the International Conference, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Edited by M.M. Lavrent'ev & S.I. Kabanikhin
November 2003
ISBN: 90-6764-380-7
214 pages, Illustrated, 6 1/2" x 9 3/4"
$155.00 Hardcover

This volume contains invited and selected papers from the International Conference Ill-Posed and Non-Classical Problems of Mathematical Physics and Analysis, held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, September 2000. The scientific program consisted of the following topics: Theory of Ill-Posed Problems Inverse Problems for Differential Equations …Boundary Value Problems for Equations of Mixed Type Integral Geometry …Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Methods in Natural Sciences These Proceedings bring together fundamental research articles in the major areas of the numerated fields of analysis and mathematical physics. The papers represent all invited and some contributed papers, which have all undergone peer-review before inclusion in the volume. This book will be of value and interest to researchers in the above mentioned areas of applied mathematics.

CONTENTS: INVITED PAPERS Problems of integral geometry on curves and surfaces in Euclidean space A.H. Begmatov and A.H. Begmatov Existence of solutions of the first boundary-value problem for the third order equations of mixed type in unbounded domain T.D. Djuraev and A.R. Hashimov On the monotone error rule for choosing the regularization parameter in ill-posed problems U. Hämarik and U. Tautenhahn Well-posedness of one-dimensional inverse acoustic problem in L2 for small depth or small data S.I. Kabanikhin, K.T. Iskakov and M. Yamamoto Fourier series in Banach spaces Dj. Khadjiev and A. Çavus Ill-posed and inverse problems for hyperbolic equations M.M. Lavrent'ev Systems of linear integral equations of Volterra type with singular and super-singular kernels N. Rajabov Inverses of a family of bounded linear operators, generalized Pythagorean theorems and reproducing kernels S. Saitoh Cauchy problems for the Helmholtz equation Sh. Yarmukhamedov and I. Yarmukhamedov CONTRIBUTED PAPERS On problem for a third order equation with multiple characteristics S. Abdinazarov and B.M. Kholboev On uniqueness and stability of solution of the Cauchy problem for pseudoparabolic equation B.K. Amonov and S.S. Kobilov Uniqueness theorem for an unbounded domain Z.R. Ahsurova and Yu.J. Zhuraev Recovery of a function set by integrals along a curve family in the plane A.H. Begmatov and Z.H. Ochilov Uniqueness of extension of solutions of differential equations of the second order A. Haidarov and D. Shodiev

Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems Series

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