Icons of Monastery Chilander

By Sreten Petkovic
July 1997
Monastery Chilandar
ISBN: 960-86063-2-2
182 pages, Illustrated, 9 1/2" x 13 "
$134.00 Hardcover

This is a beautiful, well-designed and illustrated gross-format book on the icon collection of Hilandar Monastery on the Holy Mountains (Athon Peninsula) of Greece. The book contains also chapters on the history of icon painting arranged by periods - greatly enriched by wonderful pictures of the Monastery and Athon. Of use to anybody interested in the divine beauty of the orthodox icons. This present publication by the Holy Monastery of Chelandariou is a monumental work, which shows to advantage and promotes the precious cultural, artistic and also religious uniqueness of Orthodox Monasticism and of the Holy Mountain. The brilliant history and valuable cultural heritage which is preserved in the Holy Monastery of Chelandariou and which is presented in this Volume in sacred trust for Orthodoxy and Byzantine Civilization.

Fine Art; Religious History

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