Icons in Bulgaria

By Teofana Matakieva-Lilkova
Translated by Matousha Benatova & Stanislava Vergilova
Photographs by Dimiter Angelov
December 2000
Borina Publishing House
ISBN: 954-500-040-6
256 pages, illustrated; 10" x 13"
$225.00 hardcover

Bulgarian icons have millennial history. Under the reign of tsar Boris I, in the late 9th century, Bulgaria was the first of all Slav nations to adopt Christianity as its official religion. Since then, the icon, venerated as an especially sacred object of cult and rite, has developed as a fundamental part of Bulgarian art from the ninth century through the present day. This book contains over a hundred icons with analysis, and an informative foreword.

Includes 117 color photographs.

Author biography:
Teofana Matakieva-Lilkova is an Art History graduate from the Academy of Arts at Sofia (1977). Shortly thereafter, she joined the staff of the National Museum of History as keeper of the ecclesiastic art collection. She devoted some fifteen years of her career to setting up the Museum collection of icons. In 1985 she received her PhD with a research paper entitled "St. John of Rila Iconography: Spread of his image and life in the works of art (13th-19th century)". Teofana Matakieva-Lilkova is author of over forty scientific research publications on late medieval and revival icon paintings which she has discovered herself.

Art History; Religion

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