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Isometric and Isoinertial Force Exertion in Product Handling

By A.I.M. Voorbij
December 2000
Delft University Press
ISBN: 90-407-2064-9
200 pages, illustrated
$54.00 paper original


This Ph.D. thesis assesses some of the forces and force types relevant to the work of product designers, as this information helps to improve comfort, efficiency, and safety for product users. Contents include: Force types. Force type and product design. Physiological comparison of isometric and isoinertial muscle action. The Gerontechnology project. Differences in grip strength caused by various subject characteristics. Clearance of emergency exits for use by the elderly. The relation between elbow flexion strength and wrist angle. The difference between peak force and built-up force exertion. Applying the results to product design.

Medical Science
Physical Ergonomics, No. 6