Introduction to Bharata's Natyasastra

By Adya Rangacharya
March 2005
Reprint of the 1966 Edition
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers
ISBN: 8121508290
95 pages, 5 " x 8 "
$22.50 Hardcover

Bharata's Natyasastra, the earliest treatise on dramatics, is, even today, the origin of our dramatic tradition. Besides being the most important study of dramatics, it is also the most comprehensive. The all-inclusive quality, however, creates problems for the reader who has to go through a great deal of unnecessary information.

In this book, the author has culled all information essential and relevant to drama, eliminating the superfluous. Eschewing attempts to provide any kind of a scholarly or original interpretation of Bharata's views, the author has focused on giving the reader a connected account of the study of dramatics suing modern terminology.

The purpose is to introduce those interested in drama to Bharata's wisdom and to throw light on the state of dramatics in ancient India. Written in a simple and lucid style, the author takes the reader through topics like theater houses, the stage and stage craft, play-construction and the rasa theory. All lovers of drama are sure to find this book both useful and absorbing.


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