Informal Finance & Microfinance
in Jamaica & Trinidad & Tobago
An Institutional Study

By Akhil Malaki
Stockholm Studies in Economic History, No. 47
December 2005
Almqvist & Wiksell
ISBN: 9185445185
184 pages, 6 ¾” x 9 ½”
$79.50 Paper Original

This study is about informal institutions in informal finance and microfinance in Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago. Informal institutions as understood in this study are unwritten social norms that cater to specific needs in the society, and can be indirectly captured and measured in their outcome. Informal institutions are deeply embedded in the socio-cultural matrix of a society. In the context of informal finance and microfinance, the outcome of the existence of informal institutions are the indigenous financial intermediaries like Roscas, community based lending, and individual financial brokers.

Economic History

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