Household in Late Medieval Cities,
Italy & Northwestern Europe Compared
Proceedings of the International Conference at Ghent, 21-22 January 2000
[In English & French]

Edited by Myriam Carlier & Tim Soens
December 2001
Garant[book cover]
ISBN: 90-441-1179-5
242 pages, illustrated
$46.50 paperback

In this volume various scholars with one of the most decisive social realities, the household, in two of the most densely urbanized regions of late medieval Europe: Italy and Northwestern Europe.

Two questions are crucial: what were the realities of cohabitation, and how did these differ in both regions? There is no doubt that cohabitation and family ties were institutionalized social networks in late medieval cities, but it was often social reality which determined if and how they were applied.

Studies in Urban Social, Economic and Political History
of the Medieval and Modern Low Countries, No. 12

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