History of the Sikhs, 5 volume set

By Hari Ram Gupta
November 1999 - October 2001
Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 8121505402, 5 volumes
2,514 pages, illustrated
$175.00 hardcover set (5 volumes)

Volume 1: Sikh Gurus, 1469-1708
December 2000, reprint of the revised 1984 edition
ISBN: 8121502764
452 pages, illustrated
$30.00 hardcover

Contents include: Geographical survey of the Panjab. Guru Nanak and his times. Development of Sikhism under II, III, and IV Gurus, 1539-1581. Creation of the Khalsa, 1699. Impact of Gurus' Teachings on Indian Society. Bibliography. Index.

Volume 2: Evolution of Sikh Confederacies, 1708-1769
December 1999, revised third edition
ISBN: 8121502489
383 pages, illustrated
$30.00 hardcover

Contents include: First Sikh state under Banda Bahadur, 1709-1715. The Dal Khalsa, 1745-1748. Origin of Sikh chiefdoms, 1758-1759. Triumphant Emergence of the Sikhs, 1765-1768. Life and manners of the Sikhs. Bibliography. Index.

Volume 3: Sikh Domination of the Mughal Empire
December 2000, second edition
ISBN: 8121502136
407 pages, illustrated
$30.00 hardcover

Contents include: Condition of the Mughal Empire, 1707-1763. Devastation of Crownlands and the Capital. Wealth and vendetta not dominions, 1779-1781. The British government alarmed, 1784. Failure of Sindhia's Sikh policy, 1789-1794.

Volume 4: The Sikh Commonwealth or Rise and Fall of Sikh Misls
December 2001, revised edition
ISBN: 8121501652
568 pages, illustrated
$42.50 hardcover

Contents include: Formation of Sikh Misls. The Karorasinaghia Misl. The Phulkian States. The Kanhiya Misl. The Sikh movement in northern hills. Nature, organisation and administration of Sikh Misls. Ahmad Shah's road from Delhi to Kabul. Shah Zaman's first three invasions. Condition of the country. Bibliography. Index.

Volume 5: The Sikh Lion of Lahore (Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 1799-1839)
December 1999, revision of the 1991 edition
ISBN: 8121505151
630 pages, illustrated
$42.50 hardcover

Contents include: Part One: Campaigns and Conquests. Part Two: Relations with Neighbors and Others. Part Three: Secularism at Work. Part Four: Communal Harmony. Part Five: Economic Prosperity. Part Six: Portrait of the Sikh Lion of Lahore.

History of the Sikhs is a five volume survey aiming to present a comprehensive view of the rise, growth and development of Sikh thought and action in every direction. The author has based his work on Persian, Urdu, Gurmukhi and English sources.

Religion; History; Asian Studies

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