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Helios, Volume 2
Collection of lepidopterological articles

Edited by Sergei Churkin
April 2001
Sovetsky Sport
ISBN: 5-85009-686-8
221 pages, illustrated
$69.50 paper original


The present collection is made up of 18 papers devoted to the taxonomy and biology of Lepidoptera. Topics include: A new subspecies of Koramius staudingeri from Gissaro-Alai Mountains. New taxa of Clossiana Reuss, 1920 from the North Russian Far East. Survivorship analysis of Papilio demoleus L. in semi-natural conditions. Description of a new species, Melitaea Cassandra sp. n., with taxonomic notes on Malitaea lunulata. New species of blue butterflies from the Mongolian Altai.

Includes 16 full-color plates, many black & white photographs and illustrations.