Hachut Hameshulash, 6 Vol. Set

Commentaries on the Torah

By Rabbeinu Chananel, et al.
Translated from Hebrew & Annotated by Eliyahu Munk
April 2003
Lambda Publishers
ISBN: 965-7108-34-9
1648 pages, Illustrated, 7" x 10"
$177.50 Hardcover

The Editor, Mr. Eliyahu Munk was born in Frankfurt on Main, where he received his education at the Samson Refael Hirsch Realschule, as well as at the Yeshiva headed by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer. After immigrating to England, he continued his studies at the Gateshead Yeshiva. He served in Jewish education, primarily in Toronto, Canada, for close to 30 years before making aliyah to Jerusalem in 1978. While in Canada he had pursued a business career at the same time as teaching school. Since coming to Jerusalem, Mr. Munk has translated numerous classical commentaries on Torah and some other Books of the Bible, a list of which will be found inside. The reader will find a page following the introduction detailing the reason for the title given to these volumes. Publication of these volumes brings the number of authors Mr. Munk has translated to ten, comprising a total of 38 volumes of approximately 17,000 pages. It is this editor's fond hope that these volumes will be received as enthusiastically as have his previous publications.

Religion; Judaism

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