Historical Jesus & the Final
Judgment Sayings in Q

By Brian Han Gregg
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. No 207
June 2006
Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 3161487508
360 pages, 6” x 9 ¼”
$115.00 Paper Original

Insisting that the potential historiocity of Q’s eschatological traditions be given due consideration, the author’s study explores the content and authenticity of the final judgment sayings in Q in light of the historical Jesus.

Contents include:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Final Judgment in Late Second Temple Judaism
Chapter 3: Q 6:47-49 “Everyone Who Hears My Words and Acts on Them”
Chapter 4: Q 10:10-12 “If They Do Not Receive You”
Chapter 5: Q 10:13-15 “Woe to You, Chorazin; Woe to You, Bethsaida”
Chapter 6: Q 11:31-32 “The Queen of the South Will Rise”
Chapter 7: Q 12:4-5 “Do Not Fear”
Chapter 8: Q 12:8-9 “Everyone Who Confesses”
Chapter 9: Q 12:10 “Whoever Speaks a Word Against”
Chapter 10: Q 12:42-46 “Who is the Faithful and Wise Slave”
Chapter 11: Q 13:29, 28 “Many Will Come from East and West”
Chapter 12: Q 17:1-2 “Snares Are Sure to Come”
Chapter 13: Q 17:26-30 “As It Was in the Days of Noah”
Chapter 14: Q 17:33 “Whoever Wants to Save His Life”
Chapter 15: Conclusions
Index of Ancient Sources
Index of Modern Authors
Index of Subjects and Key Terms


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