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Head & Hand in Ancient Greece
Four Studies in the Social Relations of Thought

By Benjamin Farrington
September 2001
Spokesman, UK
ISBN: 0-85124-654-0
122 pages, illustrated
$25.00 paper original

Four groundbreaking essays in the sociology of knowledge constitute this important book. The first discusses the character of the great early period of Greek science and shows that, while it was not yet experimental, neither was it purely speculative. It was, in fact, closely related to practice. The second traces the effect on the art and science of medicine of social changes affecting the attitude to manual work and the manual worker. Stoicism as a living and developing movement in a changing environment forms the subject of the third essay. The fourth and last of Farrington's essays shows how the mild religion and bold science of Epicurus rapidly throughout Italy and threatened to rob superstition of its police function.

Reprint of the 1947 edition. Includes a new foreword by Barry Baldwin.