Geometry, Continua & Microstructures
Proceedings on the Fifth International Seminar,
September 26-28, 2001 Sinaia, Romania

Edited By Sanda Cleja-Tigoiu & Victor Tigoiu
December 2003
Editura Academiei Romane
ISBN: 973-27-0880-8
263 pages, Illustrated, 6 " x 9 "
$125.00 Hardcover

Contents include: "Invariance types of tensors, tensor processes and their transforms in classical continuum mechanics," "A model of crystalline materials with dislocations," "On a model coupling adhesion and friction: thermodynamics basis and mathematical analysis," "Crack propagation in Piezoelectric crystals," "Flow/noflow of nonhomogeneous Bingham fluids on a natural slope," "Micromechanical models for anistropic damage in ductile materials accounting for the evolution of microstructure," "Nets of one dimensional Cosserat continua," "Vertical correlations in multi-layered nanostructures," "Constitutive theory in general relativity theory and Einstein Cartan theory: geometrically induced constraints to state spaces and constitutive laws," "Method of lines for solving Richard's Equation," "On the thermomechanical formulation of configurational forces in continua," "An iterative method for the Cauchy Problem in linear elasticity in domains with singularities," "Remarks on the Eshelbian thermomechanics of Materials," "Entropies in the Sense of Lax in rate-type thermo-visco-(el/pl)asticity," "Solitary waves in nonlinear elastic solids with microstructures," "Constitutive theory in general relativity: possible applications to cosmology and the Weyssenhoff - fluid," "On the unique solvability of the two-dimensional poincare-Stekloff Problem for viscous incompressible fluids," "Does a polynomial fluid of third grade exist?," "Vortex-induced fluid forces on accelerating rigid boundaries in 2 dimensions," "A fuzzy mathematics approach to modeling emergent holonic structures," "Calculus of the Square root of a positive definite symmetrical linear mapping by solely determining a rotation."


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